The principal partners of Szewczak Associates Consulting Engineers have over 75 years of combined experience in the structural engineering field. Project design and production will be distributed as follows:

Around Our office

a. The principal in charge will develop the initial design concept for the proposed construction project. As chief designer he will lead the design team from the project's beginning to its completion.

b. The design engineers and technical staff will work closely with the principal in charge. They will provide added technical expertise in analysis and design coordination. Our personnel have extensive experience in computer aided analysis and design to be utilized for this project.

c. All technical personnel at Szewczak Associates have extensive experience in the use of AutoCAD/Revit Structural and will be working collectively to ensure the detailed production of structural construction plans, sections and details, and coordination with mechanical and architectural considerations.

d. Additional members can be added to our design team on an "as need" basis.

Our organization has several key qualities to offer in facilitating the successful completion of this ambitious project. Among these are:

Direct access to the principals of our firm, who will take the project from its inception through completion of construction.

Our depth and breadth of experience in the design and detailing of efficient and cost effective projects.

Experience and expertise of local building codes and accepted construction materials and methods.

The vitality and creative problem solving ability of our firm, individualized to your needs, to produce the most appropriate and practical structures, within the parameters of an established budget and schedule.

Project Commitment

a. We have adequate resources to give your projects proper attention along with other potential projects in our office. Our present workload schedule provides us with the capability to start working drawings on new projects in the near future. This would ensure that all projects will be completed in a timely fashion to provide adequate information for all disciplines.